Welcome to the brand new Cinerama.com!

We're thrilled to unveil the latest version of Cinerama.com, an experience for all moviegoers.

By Cinerama Staff

If you’ve been perusing the Interwebz today and found yourself wanting to take in the most epic movie experience in Seattle, you obviously directed your browser to Cinerama.com.
In doing so, you may have noticed that our homepage has quite a new look and feel to it as of early December, something we hope will help in furthering your epic experiences with us at the theater.
Brand new and completely redesigned, the site allows much quicker access to the days and times you want to get to the theater and provides a much more fluid customer experience overall. The calendaring function is front and center and provides immediate access to what we currently have on sale.
From there, our upcoming films and series are readily available below the main calendar in a much neater and functional “Playing Soon” section. Easily scroll through the films ahead, with one click taking you to everything we have playing that day.
On top of all of that, it just looks flat out delightful. Like any Christopher Nolan epic or the sprawling scenes of Quentin Tarantino long shot, the site is something to behold. Not to toot our own horn or anything. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it for you.
For your viewing pleasure, a few of the key updates to the site are listed below and please, if there are any questions (or *gulp*…concerns) with the new site, please drop us a line at info@cinerama.com. Thank you and happy movie viewing!
  • Fully reworked calendar with quick access to dates/films
  • Rotating “Playing Soon” section for upcoming content
  • Enhanced “News & Announcements” section with easy, homepage viewing
  • Big, bright and bold visual redesign
  • A few Easter eggs for you to discover!